Cafetherapy Diichai

Sangenjaya 1-31-11
TEL: 03-3421-4377
カフェセラピー ディーチャイ
A hard-to-find home cafe in the backstreets of Sangenjaya. The building is 45-years old and the owner-chef is extremely friendly. Sure, he's using a DeLonghi super-automatic and the espresso is . . . well . . . vintage DeLonghi (drinkable yet wrong). But one doesn't come here for the espresso. Instead, the atmosphere and food (homemade soups, cabbage rolls, house pickles, etc.) are the draw. Better still, brown rice is on the offer.


Daniel said...

Where do you get your cafe info from? Is it from random wanders, or do you have a good Japanese magazine source?

Tokyo Espresso said...

Random wanders, magazines, TV, word of mouth--I take all comers!