Ivan Ramen

3-24-7 Minami-karasuyama Setagaya-ku
TEL: 03-6750-5540
I didn’t want to like this place. Ivan, a transplanted New Yorker, has received tons of media coverage for his gaijin-in-Japan success story. I must admit, it’s pretty ballsy: foreigner comes to
Japan and opens his own ramen shop. Ramen! There’s nothing more revered in this country than ramen (and don’t even attempt to argue that soba garners as much adoration, obsessiveness, blog-time, etc.). But Ivan’s ramen is transcendent. The pork is thickly-sliced and succulent. The noodles have just the right toughness and are made in a room above the restaurant. The broth is not overly salty or oily. Now if he can just get his waits down to a reasonable time (I waited one hour in line).

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