Fukunchu Organic

1-50-3 Kita-senzoku, Ota-ku
UPDATE: THIS RESTAURANT IS CLOSED. In a charming converted home just minutes from Ookayama station on the Meguro line, Fukunchu is a rarity. It’s an organic (whether 100% or not is unclear) vegetarian restaurant that’s only open for lunch. Be warned, only 20 or so meals are prepared a day. I’m partial to this place because I’ve gotten to know the owners through their organic grocery, Rinya (also in Ookayama). On my first visit, I was shocked by the volume and price. For 1000 yen, I had a refreshing gazpacho, grilled vegetables, great bread from nearby Itokito bakery, salad, and banana cake for dessert (not to mention iced coffee). An added bonus is a visit by Fuku-chan, the owners' baby boy.


kyotosarah said...

Looks fabulous, but where is the picture of Fuku-chan?

Tokyo Espresso said...

He was sleeping at the time!