1-20-8 Ebisu-nishi, Shibuya-ku

TEL: 03-3496-1692


Not for the dilettante, Verde is an Old School Tokyo cafe presided over by a master who has exacting standards when it comes to the right pour. To give you an idea: he used to sell his homemade and custom-designed (for optimal drip) burlap filter (pictured above) to customers. But, after learning that users weren't cleaning the filter properly, he ceased all sales! Don't be afraid, he's a convivial man who will wax poetic on coffee and its current state if prodded. Warning: no espresso here so don't even ask!


Coffee Mania said...

Love the coffee there. Heed the post there's no espresso (so don't even ask) but I guarantee you won't miss it because the brewed coffee is so excellent. Note too that all of the coffees are roasted on premises, all day long.

Anonymous said...

Great coffee. Can't think of anywhere better in the neighborhood.