Nozy Coffee
2-29-7 Shimouma
(12 min. from Sangenjaya or Ikejiri-ohashi on the Denentoshi Line)
Maybe I'm not done with my search for transcendent espresso in Tokyo. Thanks to reader Luke for bringing Nozy to my attention after his Bear Pond mishap. In what is a strikingly handsome bi-level space, Nozy outshines 99.9% of Tokyo coffee peddlers. Although this relatively new shop (opened in August 2010) might be considered behind the times in adhering to single origin coffee (many now consider this a dated industry fad), one can't fault Nozy for what is clearly a mission in pursuit of coffee excellence. With on-premises roasting and seminars on cupping and food pairing, Nozy really is doing something special for coffee in Tokyo. My espresso was a single origin Dominican with very high acid. I gauged it at almost two ounces of water (and mouthfeel suffered as a result). Although I have experimented with single origin coffee in my own roasting and espresso-making adventures, I am now moving back to the blend as the best way to drink espresso. My Nozy Dominican confirmed this. It was simply too piercingly one-note. It will be interesting to see how Nozy develops in the next few years. Oh, further testament to Nozy's focus on coffee: no food is served.

First Visit: February 27, 2011


Justin Kagan said...

any chance you have an email/contact/ preferably for English since i speak no Japanese? I'm a coffee roaster from Portland and will be playing with the Metropolitan Opera in the upcoming tour. Will be in Tokyo June 6th thru 15th and happy to bring some coffee from here!

Tokyo Espresso said...

Thanks, Justin. My contact info is at the bottom of the blog. You can reach me at: